May 8, 2008


This reminded me of some friends of mine. You know who you are. The ones who do weed impressions mn elseb7, ask me if I got them "the stuff", w *cough* elbaji 3arfeen rou7kum. Good times. Lol, a7ebkum;*
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He sits in his car. He contemplates getting out to see her. She's always there. Sitting and laughing with her friends. Talking about how men do women wrong. Covering her mouth with her fingers when she eats. She makes him nervous. That stiff concrete wall of confidence she is building between his attempts to approach her and herself.

He turns the car key to silence the engine. He's only a two minute walk away from her. From her alluring eyes and suggesting smile. He smiles as the image of her lights up the dark room of his mind. The light shines through the thick black walls of his skull and through his eyes. His eyes glint. He realizes that his palms are sweaty. Is he that nervous? Why does the thought of her fill him with the impatience of seeing her? He hits the steering wheel with a fist of determination.

He locks his car and listens to the sound his steps are about to make when they hit the gravel. He checks his reflection in one of the windows. His laid-back style, unshaven face, and profound eyes stare back at him. Nothing seems to be good enough for her. He walks in through the door. His heart skips a beat. She's there in her white glory. He greets the group of people sitting at her table. Yes, it's her table. She rules the world in his eyes. She smiles and nods at him. He gazes into her eyes. She's not looking at him anymore. But he gazes into her eyes.

He sits at the table. Not really there. Able to make the right talk at the right time. Yet, he feels like he is there to simply watch. He watches her eyelashes flutter, hiding then revealing the magic of her looks. He watches her lips curl to reveal straight white teeth. He watches how her fingers fly up to her mouth after she takes a bite of her food. He watches her play with her necklace, rings, and phone. Fidgeting while absorbed in indulging herself in ways to express her thoughts. He watches her cheeks blush gently and gradually when she realizes that he is watching her.

Soon, she gets up to leave. She is asked to stay by many, but she insists that she has to leave. She gives logical yet usatisfactory reasons for her departure. He sighs in anticipation of a hint on when and where he will see her again. As usual, she leaves him suspended in mid-sigh. He'll never have enough of her.

She leaves him there, basking in the delirium of her aftermath..


asameee said...

you're goooood

Big Pearls said...

do you smoke?:p

Bulletii said...

beautiful post nafs kil marah. i loved hal part wayid: He smiles as the image of her lights up the dark room of his mind.

so unique and beautiful.

Slai7e6 said...


Hasan.B said...

Its like I am reading my psych exam again!! "Cannabis and delirium!"

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...


اكيد تقرين بلوجي الصبح

Amethyst said...


Big Pearls

Let's not go there;p

Thank you.

You have beautiful taste, then;)

Hehe, thanks:)

Jayed hathi ydeeda 3endi;p

Lol, you need to calm down on your psychology exam;p

Kila Ma6goog

I'll leave you to wonder;p

Kaileena said...

msaikeen! You're good!

Amethyst said...

Hehe, elrayeyeel ma yamshoun ela chethi.. Play hard to get;p


The Archer said...

1. HAHA!!! LOL! :p

2. Love it. You're so talented! Never stop writing.

Amethyst said...

The Archer
1. Lol, I'm glad;p

2. Thank you. *Curtsey* "Never" shway qaweya;p

Anonymous said...

I liked it! Very well written, mashallah.

Keep it up =)

Amethyst said...

Glad you liked it:)


Silver said...

are u talking about u? jk;p so wat happens next? will they fall in love?

Amethyst said...

Hehe, they're already in love:)

Moniker said...

yiiiiy. aren't they cute :p
does he get her at the end? :p

Unknown said...

I believe drama, is either tragedy or comedy, right? If I am wrong, ignore the next comment, but if that is the case, this is a tragedy.

Amethyst said...

I don't know:)

Drama is drama.

This could be a tragedy. I leave it to you guys.