May 21, 2008

Zendagi Migzara

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The new packaged Genpet sits on her desk. She looks at it, hesitating whether or not she should free this thing from its plastic packaging. Her dad must be crazy for buying such a grotesque looking half-living creature. She can actually bring it to life, but does she want to?

She keeps staring at it. The Genpet looks like a peaceful sleeping baby. She imagines that the ugliest baby is better looking than the most beautiful Genpet. She gets out of bed and walks closer to her desk. She gazes at the package. The top right of the package is marked with a heart monitor. Under the pulse is a block of pink with the word "Spiritual" embedded in white. Spiritual? She smirks at the word. This hideous animal-like bio-engineered product is capable of being spiritual?

She has always believed that spirituality is something limited to humans. Will this Genpet have a spirit once she brings it to life? Will it have spirit enough to be "spiritual" like the package says? Will it surpass mere physical existence? The thoughts roll in and out of her head continuously, mentally draining her.

She goes to her bed and lies down, still staring at the bizarre restrained creature that could be set free easily. Maybe too easily? At that, she drifts off into transparent sleep. Her threads of thought weave and unweave to stitch together a quilt of events.

The pulse on the heart monitor slides horizontally. She blinks to make sure. Yes, the Genpet's heart monitor is pulsating. The Genpet blinks, too. Its eyelids glide up to reveal piercing ice blue eyes. Its eyes are as profound as a human's. Does this profoundness advocate its spirituality? She keeps wondering as she unties the chains on its limbs.

The Genpet moves. She registers every baby move it makes. It walks on two feet rather than on all four like animals. It's more human-like than any animal she has ever seen. Is it meant to resemble human beings? Does its mind function like mine?

Suddenly, she finds herself in complete darkness. She doesn't know it, but she is in the mind of the Genpet. The place is pitch black for a while. She blinks several times before she can see dots of soft pink light. She walks towards them.

* * *
Yes, it's too long for one go. I'll post the next two parts later.


Purgatory said...

Zendagi entay

Amethyst said...


Big Pearls said...

zendagi migzara?

Amethyst said...

Big Pearls
Life goes on in Afghani. A phrase I remember from The Kite Runner. A random title like the rest;p

asameee said...

I remembered the kite runner right away!

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...


Amethyst said...


Kila Ma6goog
I know this one!


Khoub? Bechen?

Manutdfanatic said...

Blend of Persian and Pashtu. ;)

Amethyst said...

I though it was just Pashtu;p

Manutdfanatic said...

Zendagi; Persian. Urdu too.

Amethyst said...

Ooooohh, interesting! I'm going to use that on my Persian friends;)

Manutdfanatic said...

Sure, *insert your name here* jan.


Cheesy mood. Ahem.

Amethyst said...

Manutdfanatic jan

It's okay;p

Anonymous said...

this genpet thing freaks me out !

Amethyst said...

Let's just thank God they're not for real;p

Âme said...

Is 'she' old enough to know the meaning of spirituality ?

I assumed that Genpets are for kids in this imaginary tale.

~ Soul

Amethyst said...

Genpets are not for kids in my story. She's old enough to know what spirituality is. She is actually going through spiritual advancement which is why the "Spiritual" on the Genpet's box intrigues her;)